Delivery and return

Under current legislation, purchasing items for e-commerce offers the buyer the same guarantees that apply to the purchase off-line, so buying items on the network is subject to these same rights and obligations.

Similarly, the buyer is always entitled to a receipt made against the amount and the explicit agreement of purchase. This receipt will be sent by email and allow printing on paper. In addition, the charge in the user’s account can only be made at the time they get the receipt and not before. They must bear all data of the company, and the costs of the operation and the services that have been paid.

In the event that during the process of buying an incident that makes your purchase is unsatisfactory occurs, please communicate by e-mail or contact us by telephone on 0034 932 776 259, in order to improve the service offered.

  1. A) Shipping Process

During the first 24-48 hours after receiving an order, the confirmation of the request is provided. On weekends and holidays, no orders are confirmed.

Once the order is confirmed we will proceed to study the situation of the product in stock. In times of high demand it is possible that the delivery exceeds the set time. If so we will contact you to set up a new shipping date.

Keep in mind that carrying out an order does not necessarily mean that it is completely processed, since the effective management of orders will only take place once the payment is confirmed between 48 and 72 hours i. Delivery takes 7 to 10 working days after confirmation of payment.

If after the waiting period for payment confirmation orders have not been satisfied, orders may be rejected. If there is a delay in the payment using transfer, we recommend that you send a contact form indicating the order reference and a description of the problem.

  1. B) Shipping Rates

Shipment of products purchased in the store lool eyewear will not have any additional cost.

  1. C) Transport and delivery

Transporting items purchased in the store lool eyewear it is effected by the company Seur or FedEX.

Delivery times vary by destination and most appropriate delivery system, being 3-15 days for shipments by Seur and FedEx.

In times of high demand delivery may exceed this term. If so, the buyer is notified to agree on a new delivery date.

In any case, the order confirmation will be effective within two or three days from the date of payment (required to confirm the deposit account except in cases of cash on delivery).

For deliveries, the transport agency will contact the buyer to specify the date and time at the address specified when ordering. The final bill for the value of the purchase is enclosed with the package is eventually delivered to the customer.